Binance review 2019

Is Binance a good exchange?

Traders who want a solid exchange with a vast array of cryptocurrency to trade could find Binance to be an excellent exchange. However, you can only deposit cryptocurrencies.

Deposit fees

Withdrawal fees


Accepting US citizens

Depends on the currency
Two-factor authentication process

Binance is one of the most popular exchanges, offering more than 140 cryptocurrency pairs. It comes with a solid web-based platform with advanced charting tools. However, trading mostly takes place with BTC, BNB, USDT or ALTS coins against other cryptocurrencies. For example, if you want to buy or sell XRP, ETH or any other cryptocurrency, you need to deposit any of the aforementioned currencies and then trade them in a pair, such as BTC/XRP or BNB/ETH.

What kind of platforms does Binance offer?

Binance offers only the standard web-based platform, but it also offers a desktop platform for Windows and MacOS. And if you want to trade on the go, download Binance app on your Android or iOS device.

Standout features

  • No deposit fees. Depositing any of the accepted cryptocurrencies won't cost you anything.
  • Multiple trading platforms. Most crypto exchanges offer only web-based platforms. Binance also offers a desktop and a mobile app.
  • A vast number of cryptocurrencies to trade. Binance offers more than 140 cryptocurrencies to trade.

Watch out

  • No fiat currency deposit. If you're looking to deposit US dollars or any other fiat currency, look for another exchange.

What can I trade with Binance?

  • Cryptocurrencies

How do I signup with Binance?

  1. Go to the Binance website.
  2. Click Register.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Deposit funds.

Bottom line

Binance is a solid exchange with a vast number of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Also, it offers a desktop trading platform in addition to web-based and mobile trading. However, you can only deposit cryptocurrencies.