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Articles by Professional vs. Daredevil Trading by Scott Wang Explanation of aggressive and conservative trading personalities. It is important to understand what type of trader you are and to stick with your trading plan rather than switching back and forth between aggressive and conservative trading methods. Written July 23, 2012

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Forex Trading Your IRA Account by Scott Wang General overview of IRA accounts and how to trade your IRA in a Forex trading account. Includes website links and contact information for 3 popular IRA custodians. Written August 6, 2012

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Educational Videos

Introduction to Grid Trading

An introduction to grid trading that covers the theory and basic concept of grid trading, along with 4 popular strategies that grid-traders use to try to make this concept profitable.

Duration [22:14]

How to Read our Stats Pages

Introductory video to show you tips and tricks for understanding the performance stats. What to look for, and what to avoid.

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Introduction to OrderArtist and Basic Strategy Analysis

OrderArtist takes an account history and paints all of the entries and exits onto the chart. This video contains 3 strategy analysis examples using the indicator.

Duration [25:50]