Important: This Forex Verified Expert Advisor should not be understood as a recommendation to buy or sell currency positions, stocks, or securities. You should only use this EA if, after doing your own due dilligence, you agree with the strategy we are employing in our own live accounts.

Forex Verified's Channel Surfer
Expert Advisor

History Overview of Channel Surfer:

October 2011 - Channel Surfer launched after a few months of incredible demo testing. Original strategy surrounded the EUR/CHF interverntion and Swiss Bank peg at 1.2000. EUR/CHF was in a perfect channel. Clients who began using CS immediately netted profits between 50-800% between October and November 4th, 2011 (depending on how aggressively they traded).

November 2011 - EUR/CHF ranges became too large and our drawdown started.

December 2011 - Swiss Bank decided to keep the 1.2000 floor for EUR/CHF. Volume and trading fell off significantly and the channels became extremely tight. So tight that our accounts were being "nickel and dimed" to death.

Overall, trading between November (when the drawdown started) and February ended at nearly break-even levels thanks to rebates earned from introducing brokers. Not an ideal situation but we're thankful the situation was not worse.

March 2012 - Channel Surfer re-launched trading 5 major currencies. No more EUR/CHF. Only trading from approximately 5:00pm through 6:00am US Eastern Time (Asian and early London sessions). Results were mixed - we had a few good weeks.

- During the 3rd week of March we experienced a 9%+ drawdown causing us to re-examine the strategy being used. We decided that we were no longer comfortable marketing the EA so we returned it to a development status.

- Set up a new demo test trading only the EURUSD with slightly modified hours. It backtests well. This will be our strategy while we continue development.

Due to popular demand, we decided to make Channel Surfer available during the ongoing development.

This is unprecedented. We would have actually preferred to close off all Channel Surfer sales completely, but once our members got a taste of the power of Channel Surfer it is hard to let it go.

Therefore, we decided to make it available during this time.

What Channel Surfer Does

At this time, Forex Verified is continuing our testing of Channel Surfer to find the correct settings, hours, and currency pairs to trade.

If you would like to use Channel Surfer during this development phase, you can have it for only $10 per month. This covers our costs for the licensing system and upkeep of the EA.

We will share our current settings with you, but it is expected that you are experimenting to find the settings that fit your trading style.

Channel Surfer EA

$10.00 per month covers
1 live account + 5 demo accounts

This is a temporary rate until development is completed.
You will have the opportunity to keep Channel Surfer at a heavy discount.