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Forex Verified's Heavy Metal
Expert Advisor

The Price Of Precious Metals Is Going Up

We at Forex Verified saw the huge opportunity presented to us in the metals market (Gold/Silver) and decided to take full advantage of it. We decided to start grid-trading Silver using an EA we developed called Heavy Metal. It is our belief that this is a solid strategy and the closest thing to a "holy grail" we have ever seen.

Fact is, metals are going up. Period. If you want to take advantage of it, the time is RIGHT NOW.

4 Facts About Silver You Need To Know

Price fluctuations are primarily based on the value of the currency changing, not the value of the metal changing. Gold and Silver are typically seen as "safe havens" for investments because their core value does not change much, while our currency's value does.

The price of silver is rising faster than ever before (the value of the USD falling).

The value of the US Dollar is falling like never before. The Federal Reserve keeps printing more and more money. If they stop now, we will enter another "great depression". They need to keep the presses rolling.
This screenshot was taken in 2011 when we launched Heavy Metal:

This is a new screenshot taken February 26, 2012:

Think they stopped easing the money supply? Think the economy is getting better on its own? Wrong. The Fed continues to print and loan USD out of thin air.

Silver inventories are at an all-time low. Silver is used in the manfucaturing of electronics, such as cell phones and computers.

Demand is rising and supply is falling, causing the core value of silver to go up.

FACT: Gold & Silver Are Going Up, Up, and Away!
But How High Can It Go?

It's not unreasonable to think that the worst time to start a grid-trading strategy is when the market is at the absolute top. If you know that the market is going up and you only want to place "buy" trades, then getting started while the market is at all-time highs seems stupid, right?

However, considering the amount of new US Dollars being created, we believe the price is still low and it will continue to rise. It is not uncommon to find analysts' projections in the range of $300-$500 per ounce: and these aren't the doomsayers. Looking at the current rate that the USD is being inflated, this is a reasonable projection!

Time To Grid-Trade It
Here Are The 4 Components of Heavy Metal

Silver is our preferred metal for grid-trading. Why? It has a LOW overall range of about 3,500 pips (from $0 -> $35.00). This makes it the safest instrument of ALL CURRENCY PAIRS to grid-trade!

Heavy Metal will work on Gold too, but Gold has more room to fluctuate (from $0 -> $1,600+). If you prefer to trade Gold, go for it!

(Hint: the price gold or silver will never go down to $0! This makes the total range even smaller.)

Gold and Silver are going up.

Up. Period. Don't sell them or you may be sorry!

Heavy Metal is designed to only place buy orders.

Even If We Know Silver Is Going Up
We Are Responsible, Serious Traders
TRADE RESPONSIBLY to protect your account! Instead of "guessing" on a grid size, use Heavy Metal's unique feature to calculate your grid for you!

Input the lowest price you think silver could go to (example: $15), and Heavy Metal will automatically create your grid. In this example, we could grid-trade Silver all the way down to $15 before our account is in trouble and we need to add more funds.

RIDE THE TREND with Heavy Metal's Trailing Stop system. Once the market goes in your favor, start locking in profit on your trades and keep riding the entire trend until the price retraces!

Default setting: When a trade is up by 150 pips, we lock in profit and trail a stop loss by 100 pips. When silver retraces at least $1.00 (100 pips), your older profitable trades will close out so new ones can be opened if the price keeps falling. You may adjust these settings.

Why Close Profitable Trades While
The Price Is Shooting Upward?
Instead, We Let Them Run!

It is interesting to note that in the movies, the "Holy Grail" chalice is always made of silver or gold. Right now, around the world, major currencies are being devalued to cheapen debt and stimulate economies. Countries with large exports (like China) need to devalue their currency to make their goods affordable to other countries (like the US). Japan and Switzerland are constantly devaluing their currencies so they can stay competitive in a global economy. The USA and the European Union are devaluing their currency to pay off debts.

Grid Trading Silver Might Be The
"Holy Grail"
We've Been Searching For

Even if the price of Silver drops to $15, $20, or $25 our accounts will still be safe from margin calls and Heavy Metal will still be closing profitable trades and adding to our account balance continually. Even in a worst-case scenario, we can work our way out of a drawdown slowly while waiting for silver to go back up!

Why Should I Start
Using Heavy Metal Right Now?

  • Take advantage of rising metal prices before they go up too much.

  • Keep your account safe from premature losses due to "accidental" or irresponsible grid sizes (human error).

  • Continually pyramid profitable trades and ride the FULL COURSE OF THE TREND.

  • Use the power of GRID-TRADING to take advantage of retracements and drops in the price of silver. Dollar cost average on the way down, reap the profits on the way back up!

  • Participate in the world's largest transfer of wealth by taking advantage of gold and silver's skyrocketing prices.


Q. What broker(s) can I use?

A. There are a few things to look for when choosing a broker for Heavy Metal.
  1. As of July 15th, 2011, US-regulated brokers will no longer offer trading for precious metals, including gold and silver.

  2. Your broker must offer the XAU/USD or XAG/USD currency pairs. XAU is gold, while XAG is silver.

  3. Your broker must offer the Metatrader 4 platform.

Many of us at Forex Verified use HotForex, but you can use whichever broker you like. See the bottom of this page for a table of known brokers and their compatibility.

Q. What in the world is grid trading?

A. You can click here for our introduction to the concept of grid-trading.

Q. If Heavy Metal is the holy grail of Forex trading, why are you sharing it?

A. In a grid strategy like this, there is plenty of liquidity to go around. Not everyone will be entering the exact same trades. I might be using a 50-pip grid while you might be using a 30-pip grid. Our entries will be different, even though we're both making money on the rising price of Silver.

Q. What if the price of silver goes down? Won't I lose money?

A. Heavy Metal, and most grid-trading strategies, are designed to allow for market fluctuations. If you decide that the price of silver should never fall below $12.00, your account will be able to sustain a drop in silver all the way to $12.00. Your balance will remain high but your equity will enter a large drawdown. As silver moves up and down, you will be closing profitable trades and entering new ones, increasing both your balance and equity until you eventually work out of the drawdown.

If the price of silver falls and then goes back up to where you started, you will make a pile of money. Instead of being scared about the price of silver falling, we would gladly welcome a $10 or $20 retracement so we can get into lots of trades and ride the price back up! We would see a drawdown in our equity during the fall, but the profits are made while the price goes back up.

Q. Can I trade other stuff in my account at the same time?

A. Yes, but you need to know something very important. The size of the "grid" that is automatically calculated for you uses your account balance in the calculation.

For example, let's say you start out with a $5,000 account using a "lowest possible price" of $15 for silver. Your grid size will be about 110 pips.

Now, if you trade "other stuff" and take a 50% loss, your balance is now $2,500. You will no longer survive a drop in the price of silver down to $15.

If you take a significant loss in your account from "other" trading, you should add funds to bring your balance close to the original level. Making significant gains is OK: the Heavy Metal EA will automatically adjust to the higher balance by lowering your grid size.

Q. Can I use a really small account? ($250-$1,000)

A. Yes, there are two ways to use a small account. 1) Trade conservatively using a large grid, but this will be incredibly boring. You should end up with decent annual profits, but it might barely cover the cost of the EA. Or 2) Trade it aggressively, possibly doubling your account each month depending on how quickly silver moves. Trading any grid strategy on a small account is an incredibly risky choice, but it is the only way to trade it without getting bored out of your mind (from lack of trades). In our opinion, an ideal account size is $5,000 or higher, but you are free to use it on smaller accounts if you wish.

Here is a set of examples and their grid sizes:

Account Size: $10,000
Lowest Silver Price: $25.00
Grid Size will be: 7 pips
Account Size: $10,000
Lowest Silver Price: $15.00
Grid Size will be: 24 pips
Account Size: $10,000
Lowest Silver Price: $8.00
Grid Size will be: 42 pips
Account Size: $5,000
Lowest Silver Price: $25.00
Grid Size will be: 13 pips
Account Size: $5,000
Lowest Silver Price: $15.00
Grid Size will be: 48 pips
Account Size: $5,000
Lowest Silver Price: $8.00
Grid Size will be: 83 pips
Account Size: $1,000
Lowest Silver Price: $25.00
Grid Size will be: 61 pips
Account Size: $1,000
Lowest Silver Price: $15.00
Grid Size will be: 226 pips
Account Size: $1,000
Lowest Silver Price: $8.00
Grid Size will be: 390 pips

(Grid sizes assume the current market price is $35. Higher market price will result in a larger grid.)

Q. Do you offer FREE installation?

A. I'm proud to answer that YES, unlike most other EA vendors we will install and set up your Heavy Metal absolutely free. There is only one requirement: You need to be using a VPS. If you're using a VPS from anywhere other than, send us the login details and we will install it for you.


Heavy Metal EA

Only $20/mo for this POWERFUL Expert Advisor

Known Brokers and Their Compatibility

Leveraged Silver?Pip ValueUSA Client CompatibleWebsite
FXDD USANo$0.10YesLink
FXDD MaltaYes$0.10NoLink
FX Open MicroYes$0.50NoLink USANo$1YesLink UKYes$1NoLink
IBFX AustraliaYes$0.50NoLink