Important: This Forex Verified Indicator should not be understood as a recommendation to buy or sell currency positions, stocks, or securities. You should only use this EA if, after doing your own due dilligence, you agree with the strategy we are employing.

Forex Verified's
OrderArtist Indicator

What Does OrderArtist Do?

Forex Verified's OrderArtist indicator takes the order history from Metatrader 4 and paints all of the entries and exits onto the chart. We use this indicator when analyzing the trading history for a variety of EA's or other strategies.

What Can You Learn From OrderArtist?

There is a great deal of information that you can learn about a strategy by using OrderArtist. You will never learn the exact entry or exit algorithm, but you WILL learn basic details about the strategy, such as:

  • Does the system dollar cost average or grid-trade?
  • What kind of markets does the strategy work best in?
  • When did it experience big drawdowns?
  • Does it trade against the trend?
  • Does it close trades in basket, using a SL/TP, or using SAR (stop-and-reverse)?
  • Does it channel-trade? Swing-trade? Scalp?
  • Does it hold trades over the weekend, or avoid large news announcements?
  • Does it appear to have a logical entry strategy, or is it just getting lucky?
  • Does it trade break-outs?
  • Is it using a trend filter for the entries?
  • Is this a safe strategy, or a high-risk strategy?

How Do I Use It?

Purchase any EA or signal service, trade it for 1 week, and then use the OrderArtist indicator to examine the trading history and learn about the strategy being used. Decide if you are comfortable with the techniques being used.

Will I Learn The Exact Strategy Being Used?

Absolutely not. Only the vendor or creator of the system will know the exact entry/exit algorithm being used. However, you can learn a great deal of information about the strategy being used. This information will help you decide if you want to continue using the system or not.

Don't EA's Already Draw Arrows?

Some do, some don't. The problem is if you ever close that chart and re-load the EA onto a new chart, you will lose all of the arrows and they will never be drawn again.

Our OrderArtist indicator can be used to examine the trading history from ANY EXPERT ADVISOR, ANY SIGNAL SERVICE (that uses a trade copier), or ANY other system where you can obtain investor password access to the trading account.

You Need To Know What You're Trading!

Anyone who is trading an EA or signal service blindly will not last very long in the Forex market. You need to demo-trade and understand the risks and benefits involved with any trading system before you trade it on a live account.

We used to spend hours watching EA's trade and examining trading statements, but now we can do the same analysis in 1/10th the time using OrderArtist!

Is This Indicator For Everyone?

Not necessarily. There are two types of Forex traders:

  1. Traders who follow and trust the opinion of others who analyze systems and have opinions about the riskiness and profit potential of a given strategy. This is not necessarily bad: you just have to be careful of who you listen to.

  2. Traders who are involved in analyzing trading statements and doing their own research on strategies to find the best ones to trade. These are the traders who need OrderArtist to assist in their research!

Okay, Give Me the Details!

  1. Purchase the OrderArtist indicator below for a one-time $47.

  2. You will receive the .ex4 file that you can install into the "indicators" folder of Metatrader 4. Then simply attach to any chart like you would with any other indicator.

  3. This indicator is being sold on the honor system. Simply put, please do not share it with others.

  4. Due to the electronic nature of the product, we cannot offer a refund on purchases. If you have any dissatisfaction please let us know and we will resolve any problem you have with it.

  5. The indicator will be immediately available in the members area after purchase. Simply click "Member Login", login, and you'll see the shortcut to download it.

OrderArtist Indicator

Only $47 for this Strategy-Revealing Indicator