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Performance Test Retired:
December 10, 2012: This EA is licensed on a per-computer basis, so every time I move a test from one VPS to another, I have to contact them for a new serial number. It doesn't happen a lot but I feel bad constantly asking for new serials, plus the EA has not done very much after many months of testing, so I decided to retire the test this time.

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Retired Breakout Hunter Performance Tests

Test ID Description Reason For Retiring Net Gain% Duration
Breakout Hunter 002 Primary Test: Trading EURUSD with default settings.   Test stopped 1.7% 8.2 Months
Breakout Hunter 001 Breakout Hunter, using all default settings. This test is running on HotForex, using 50:1 leverage, as recommended by vendor.   New version was released and we were having some technical issues with the old version. Good opportunity to update to the new version and retire this test. 10.8% 5.9 Months



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