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This Test ID:   CABEX 002

Performance Test Retired:

Primary test: We have set up a demo account of 10,000 USD with the EA set on GBP/USD H1 chart, using default settings.

CabEX General Description

CabEX is designed to trade GBPUSD on the H1 time frame. The trading strategy is based on elimination of noise by considering only the H1 close for most part of the strategy. Hourly High/Low values are considered for calculating the ranges, but trade management is based on closing values only. This effectively filters away most part of the noise. The strategy is based on price action near moving averages - The EA identifies potential trends and reversals moves. Protective SL is placed on the server side at 120 pips and TP is set at 500 pips. These levels are very rarely allowed to be touched. The EA uses a hidden stoploss at 60 pips. Close below the hidden SL will close the trade. The hidden TP is at 300 pips. The EA has a very dynamic trailing SL system which moves the hidden SL to breakeven when the gain is above 50 pips. When the trade gains 100 pips, the hidden SL is set to 50 pips. The levels are adjusted for every 50 pips. The EA attempts to give maximum space for the trade to work its way towards higher gains and attain a risk/reward of 1/1.5 - This is very important part of the strategy.

For more details visit Phibase website.

Test Notes & Memos

Log of notes that are specifically related to this performance test (such as the installation of EA updates, etc.)

July 11th, 2017 Updated to version 3.7

April 18th, 2017 Updated to version V3.6

October 17th, 2016 Updated to version V3 Build 20161012.
FV Score Score Help3.82
Net Gain76.43%
Avg Monthly2.03%
Test Duration 27.9 Months
Max Drawdown29.70%

Starting Balance $10,000.00
Gross Profit $52,623.39
Gross Loss $-44,980.37
Net Profit $7,643.02
Current Equity $17,643.02

Winning Trades116 (48.74%)
Losing Trades122 (51.26%)
Consecutive Wins6 (479.8 pips)
Consecutive Losses8 (-436.4 pips)

  All Winners Losers
Net Pips 12.9 92.5 -62.7
Net Gain $32.11 $453.65 $-368.69
Time (Hours) 36.69 44.92 28.87