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Performance Test Retired:
During the transfer of all our tests from one VPS system to another, we lost access to their demo account with investor password access, and their "PAMMsistem" trade replication software started crashing and we couldn't make it work. With no way to follow their trades anymore, the test must be retired.

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Retired TraderSurfing Performance Tests

Test ID Description Reason For Retiring Net Gain% Duration
TraderSurfing 006 Primary Test: TraderSurfing EA on HotForex.   March 30th: Their "PAMMsistem" software for trade duplication kept crashing and we couldn't fix it. They have a new trade copier system available but they could not (or would not) activate our account for the trade copier. 37.7% 4.2 Months
TraderSurfing 004 TraderSurfing on a $1k Admiral Markets account. Using investor access to gather stats.   March 30, 2012 we moved the test from one VPS to another and lost the investor password. After trying to work with support for 12 days to recover their demo investor password, they claimed the demo account wasn't theirs and couldn't help. 790.6% 8.4 Months



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