Potential Scam Alert
September 24, 2010

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this as a big HEADS UP about the EA going around right now. I just finished analyzing their statements and found a big discrepancy, that in my opinion, proves their precious 5-year statement - and their other two statements - are fake.

There are two issues I found with their statements:
  1. The swap rates are the same during the entire 5-year duration of the statement

  2. The Ticket #'s are evenly spaced, unlike what you would see on a legitimate statement
It was brought to my attention by one of our members that the swap fees are all the same. On the EUR/USD statement, every swap fee is -$0.52. On the USD/JPY statement, every swap fee is -$1.11, and on the USD/CHF statement, -$0.96.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, let's assume they're using an oddball broker that only charges swap and never pays swap. And let's assume this broker has NEVER changed their swap rate in the last 5 years. Really? Ok.

However, when I started to look at the rest of the statement, something caught my eye. The ticket #'s.

Here's what I found.

On the EUR/USD statement [ Copy of the statement ]

The minimum distance between each ticket is 1,046.
The maximum distance between each ticket is 1,078.

It's pretty funny that during 5 years, every single order would be placed exactly 1,046-1,078 orders from the previous order. That's only a +/- of 32. During the last 5 years and 797 trades?! Highly unlikely.

But it gets better. The average distance between each ticket is exactly 1062. That's smack in the middle between 1,046 and 1,078.

This is what you would see if you told your software to produce a series of incremental numbers with a random distance 1,046-1,078 apart from each other.

But it gets better...

On the USD/JPY statement [ Copy of the statement ]

The minimum distance between each ticket is 139.
The maximum distance between each ticket is 171.

So even though these tickets are so much closer together, they still vary by only 32. No ticket is less than 139 trades from the previous ticket, and no ticket is more than 171 trades from the previous ticket.

Guess what? The same is true for the USD/CHF statement.

On the USD/CHF statement [ Copy of the statement ]

The minimum distance between each ticket is 1,493.
The maximum distance between each ticket is 1,525.

Imagine that. Another statement with ticket #'s that are spaced apart perfectly. 1,525-1,493 = you guessed it, a +/- of 32.

And the average distance between tickets? 1,509. Which is, again, smack in the middle of 1,493 and 1,525.

Pretty funny, huh. What are the changes that there would be exactly a +/- 32 variation in the distance between ticket #'s, on 3 different statements?

Also, note that the ticket numbers for each of the 3 statements are very different.

EUR/USD = 2xxxxx
USD/JPY = 9-10xxxxx
USD/CHF = 9-12xxxxx

If these were legitimate ticket numbers, it means they were traded on 3 different servers. The liklihood of achieving random ticket distances with exactly +/- 32 on 3 different servers is freakish.

Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe someone didn't meticulously create these statements by hand. But these statements aren't being updated automatically. I'm writing this on Sept 22nd and the statement dates are from the 10th and 17th. It's very possible they are being manipulated manually inbetween updates and not actually being generated from the MT4 platform. If the statements were being generated from the MT4 platform and updated automatically, they would never be more than 1 day old.

In other words, they are web pages. Not statements. Think of them as marketing material and not actual copies of trading records.

Have you been scammed? Contact Clickbank and get yourself a refund.

As much as we all want to believe that it's easy to find a "holy grail" and get rich in the Forex market, it's simply not true. No legitimate, profitable system is going to suddenly appear on the market with a clean 5-year history all in one tidy statement. The only people getting rich off that are the marketers.

Scott Wang
Forex Verified

P.S. The links to their statements are hosted on our site. I copied their statements to our site in case they change the ticket #'s or remove the statements after this email goes out. I'm not sure how much longer these same statements will be on their website, but you can check at

P.P.S. If you want to see the Excel spreadsheet with the calculations, you can view it here.