Uphold review 2019

Is Uphold a good exchange?

Cryptocurrency traders, looking for a solid digital exchange where they can deposit other fiat currencies than USD, EUR or GBP, may find Uphold to be a good choice.

Deposit fees

Withdrawal fees


Accepting US citizens

3.99% deposit fee for credit cards and debit cards. Other deposit methods are free.
Starting from $2.99 flat plus a small fee in the cryptocurrency you're withdrawing.
Two-factor authentication process

The Uphold exchange lets you trade cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and some precious metals. But Uphold also acts as an exchange where you can store the aforementioned instruments or you can send them to friends and family across the globe. But they also need to have an Uphold account to receive your funds.

With a new perk, Uphold lets you earn from 3% to 10% on your digital currency holdings. You can deposit in a variety of ways, including ACH or SEPA transfer, with a credit or a debit card, or with cryptocurrencies. Depositing is free for all methods except debit and credit card.

What kind of platforms does Uphold offer?

Uphold comes with a digital wallet that you can access from their website, but you can also download their mobile app for Android and iOS.

Standout features

  • Low deposit fees. Depositing by ACH, SEPA transfer or with cryptocurrencies is free. The only method coming with fees is the credit card/debit card deposit.
  • Earn interest. Eligible accounts can earn between 3% and 10% of their digital currency holdings.
  • Trading instruments. You can buy/sell cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and precious metals.

Watch out

  • High conversion fees.Converting currencies come with fees from 0.65% for USD, EUR and GBP up to 3.95% for XPT (Platinum)

What can I trade with Uphold?

  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Precious metals

How do I signup with Uphold?

  1. Go to the Uphold website.
  2. Click Sign up.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Deposit funds.

Bottom line

Uphold is a solid digital wallet and exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and precious metals. Most deposit options come without fees and you can send your wallet's assets to friends and family worldwide once they open an Uphold account.